The Responsibility Virus

Are you a heroic leader? Or are you a passive follower? Chances are you act like one or the other, and it’s doing serious damage to your company, your customers, and your colleagues. The reason behind your harmful behavior? The fear that you’ll be held responsible for any failures -which often makes failure the inevitable outcome. Management guru Roger Martin calls this fear of failure and the behavior it causes “The Responsibility Virus.” With lively case studies based on real business practice, he shows how the Virus “infects” corporations and nonprofit organizations large and small. No message could be more urgent in today’s business climate.Martin lays out a wholly original way of understanding group dynamics. His impassioned belief in the “power of one” will be required reading for any of us who think about how we function in organizations, from the boardroom to the mail room.

FORMAT: Paperback
PUBLISHER: Perseus Publishing
PUBLISH DATE: December 2003
ISBN: 0465044115
PAGES: 304

"Martin lays out a wholly original way of understanding group dynamics."
- Leadership Now